Electrical systems that power your hot water often need repair and upgrades.  Emergency electrician services can be of great assistance to get your home and business back in working order. There are a few tests to do before calling one of our qualified electricians that could save you money.

1. Sometimes appliances can overload circuits and cause breakers to trip. Before calling out an emergency electrician, follow these steps: unplug the hot water cylinder and any relevant appliances before resetting the circuit breaker. If this isolates the issue, your issue may be with an appliance or cylinder itself. The next step is to contact our emergency electrician with this information.

2. If partial power loss to an area of your home is a problem, contact us immediately. Our Auckland electricians can conduct electrical inspections and find the cause. It could be an issue with your utility provider or a case of deteriorated wiring in the home. No matter the cause, our qualified electricians in Auckland are able to sort it out.

3. Check the electrical switches for overloading. This can cause breakers to trip. If the fuse isn’t blown then look for melting or other marks. Faulty wiring is incredibly dangerous and could be the cause. It requires immediate attention from a qualified electrician. Disable the circuit at the breaker box and call one of our Auckland electricians immediately.

After these 3 tests have been conducted, you might have a better picture of the emergency electrician services you require. We recommend an emergency call out to address these electrical safety issues.

Electrician services are available Auckland wide. Find an electrician in your area or contact us for a free quote.